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Peer Ambassadors

Through a structured meeting process and supported by a clubhope™ Champion, Peer Ambassadors play a pivotal role in teaching topic-based awareness presentations, then they facilitate a group conversation on that same subject matter.

One of the most important outcomes of clubhope™ is for peers to discuss pervasive issues that impact their lives. By engaging in these discussions, they establish a support network and learn they all have similar experiences. 

With the guidance from a clubhope™ Champion, Peer Ambassadors perform the following duties:

  • Review the clubhope™ Peer Ambassador Tutorial© where they learn how to give effective Topic Awareness Presentations and facilitate group dialogue.
  • Promote meetings in their schools using social media and flyers.
  • Lead club meetings effectively to ensure that all peers’ ideas and contributions are recognized, captured, and validated.

Peer Ambassadors teach key Awareness Topics & foster meaningful dialogue so that everyone realizes they are not alone with their issues.