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Dear Friends of clubhope™,

Welcome to our youth movement! This initiative was born of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Give America Hope based in Frederick, MD. clubhope™ involves meetings throughout the year to bring awareness to and facilitate communication on the topics of mental and physical health, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, and other pervasive issues.

Members of your community and other young people nationwide are facing many of the same issues but may not feel comfortable discussing them or seeking help when needed. As early as elementary and middle school, many of us experience difficulties that impact our daily lives and routines. Some examples could be a parent’s divorce, peer pressure to use drugs or consume alcohol, bullying, or the illness or death of a friend or loved one. As time passes, the feelings related to these circumstances can become even more magnified and negatively affect us.

Regardless of our perceived popularity and level of happiness, it is possible for anyone to experience stress, anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem, and depression and to engage in destructive behaviors. In clubhope™, peers discuss these and other struggles during organized meetings. Through education and meaningful dialogue, participants learn prevention skills, self-help practices, and how to look out for each other in order to promote positive change and wellbeing. Members then share critical information on these topics, with others, via social media and during additional in-person activities. Regular participation in clubhope™ also encourages the development of effective leadership skills.

Thank you for your support and commitment to clubhope™. Your involvement is not only helping to serve your local community, but it is also directly fueling the growth of a national movement.  




Charles Seymour 

President, clubhope™