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Who can start a clubhope™? 

Any organization, whether it is a school, civic organization, religious group, or community group, can initiate a clubhope™. Regardless of the type of organization, you will need to identify an individual club adult Champion who can dedicate the necessary time to launch and support your club. Meetings are composed of a Champion, Peer Ambassadors, and general participants. While meetings encourage open discussion it is important that each clubhope™ meeting present and discuss the topics under our resource page as the structure of the meetings and topics discussed are critical components to staying on track with the goals of this youth movement.

Is there a list of what I need to start a clubhope™? 

  1. Champion: Find a dedicated adult individual to oversee the club’s activities. 
  2. Meeting Space and Equipment: Identify a suitable meeting space with seating and equipment such as a laptop or computer that can be used for the presentations.
  3. Resources: The Topic Awareness Presentations, Peer Ambassador Facilitator Guide, Peer Ambassador Tutorial, and Facts Sheets – all found under the Resource tab on our website.
  4. Peer Ambassadors: Choose one or two youth Peer Ambassadors who exhibit civic commitment and maturity to facilitate presentations and discussions.
  5. Club Members: Recruit a few individuals to join the club to expand the membership base.  
  6. Peer Ambassador Training: Ensure all Peer Ambassadors complete the Peer Ambassador Tutorial training to become better equipped at leading and facilitating meetings. 
  7. Meeting Schedule: Establish a calendar-based schedule for monthly meetings. Select times conducive for participation. 
  8. Communication Strategy: Determine effective means including social media to communicate meeting details to members in advance. Consider maintaining consistency by scheduling meetings each month on the same day and time. 
  9. Initiate the First Meeting: Begin your club journey by hosting your first meeting!  

What tools does a Peer Ambassador or Champion use to conduct each club meeting? 

Fact Sheet: Each topic has an applicable fact sheet for participants to use as an additional resource.

TAP Slideshow: Peer Ambassadors can access and download custom-developed subject matter-specific, slideshow Topic Awareness Presentations (TAPs) from our website. 

Guided Discussion: Following the approximately 15-minute TAP presentation, the Peer Ambassador leads a directed group discussion on the presented topic. This interactive session encourages participants to share their thoughts and engage in meaningful conversations. 

Peer Ambassador Facilitator Guide: The primary resource for giving presentations and facilitating guided group discussions is the Peer Ambassador Facilitator Guide.

What are the annual costs to start, support, and fund a clubhope™? 

There should be minimal costs, but expenses will vary based on your specific circumstances and the extent of your membership and outreach.  The quantity or stockpile of items required will largely depend on the number of club meetings you intend to hold throughout the year. 

How many members are required to start a clubhope™? 

To initiate a clubhope™, you will need to gather a few young people who are willing to join the club. The specific number of members required to start a club can vary based on your organization. For instance, if your affiliation is with churches or schools, you might already have a larger pool of people to engage with and form a club. However, if you are an individual or a group aiming to establish a club independently, without ties to an existing organization, you will need to strategize and identify ways to recruit youth from your local community. 

Who is a clubhope™ Champion? 

A club Champion is an adult individual who assumes the primary responsibility for initiating, overseeing, and supporting club activities. They accomplish this by recruiting adolescent Peer Ambassadors who lead club meetings using educational tools downloaded from our website. Club Champions provide guidance and mentorship to the adolescent Peer Ambassadors, who possess the maturity and commitment to lead and manage all meetings. 

Club Champions attend all meetings in a supervisory capacity but take a supporting role to the Peer  Ambassadors, who are accountable for conducting the meetings. Our website offers the Peer Ambassador Tutorial, which trains young individuals in delivering effective presentations and facilitating group discussions based on the meeting’s topic. 

We also ask that clubhope™Champion thoroughly review the Peer Ambassador Tutorial. This comprehensive resource explains the meeting process and its intricacies. By reading the tutorial, you will better understand the commitment required for a youth to become a Peer Ambassador. 

Who is a clubhope™ sponsor?

An individual, group, or business that financially contributes to the viability of the club. Their support helps fund merchandise, maintenance, modification, educational materials, leadership development, and community outreach. Sponsor support is vital for the sustainability of each clubhope™.

May I choose new topics?

The topics available on our website align with the clubhope™mission, therefore it is important for you to use the content provided under the Resources tab. If there is another topic that addresses pervasive health issues and pertains to your community, then you may present it at your club meeting provided it stays within the clubhope™ mission.

How may I support clubhope™?

Click Donate at the top right or Make a Donation at the bottom center of our homepage or simply click here where you will be given the choice to support this youth movement by donating to its parent nonprofit, Give America Hope.